Great attendance at Burbank’s Coffee with the Principal

Last Friday parents enjoyed a morning with the Principal of Burbank Middle School, David Knittle.  At 8:00 a.m. the school cafeteria was full of parents and community members who had the opportunity to get an overview of the teaching curriculum, classroom expectations for academics and behavior, answer their questions and get to know organizations that continuously support students in school.

Principal Knittle welcomed parents and invited them to “take advantage of all of the opportunities” Burbank offers. During his tenure as Spanish and ESL teacher at Lee High School, and later as Assistant Principal and Dean of Students at Burbank, Principal Knittle “embraced the diverse population of recent arrival immigrants” and has continuously “worked to ensure them a smooth transition into the educational system of our state,” he expressed.

‘Coffee with the Principal’ is held the first Friday of every month at the school cafeteria.  Knittle encouraged participants to “continue to come to our meetings and voice their ideas and concerns directly to me. I also welcome the opportunity to inform our parents of everything that is happening at Burbank so that we can collaborate for the benefit of our students,” he mentioned.

“It is my goal to ensure a quality education for all our students. I want to assure you that the standard of excellence and the quality of education that your students receive will continue to be the best that HISD has to offer. Burbank will continue to be the school of choice that values diversity and high-quality academics.”

Parents were also encouraged by the principal to “become as involved in your child’s middle school experience as you were in elementary.”

To know more about Burbank’s happenings on campus, browse their website.

Pictures by Burbank MS

Pictures by Burbank MS

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