Refugees at HISD campuses receive full sets of school supplies

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing students with wide smiles and jaw-dropping reactions, like in the picture below, captured at Westbury High School.20180927

The students in the picture and 1,500 other refugee scholars have received in the last days (and will receive, Multilingual is still in the delivery process) full sets of school supplies, backpacks, and school shirts.

This initiative is possible—explained Multilingual Senior Manager of the West and South areas Terrie Armstrong— due to the grant that was given to HISD by the Council of Catholic Bishops. “We are so grateful to the Council of Bishops”, said Ms. Armstrong, “with these funds, we are able to directly provide students with items that they truly need and that their families struggle to acquire.”

Although HISD has a refugee population predominantly in the West area, all identified PK through High School students within this category will receive these materials. “It is close to 50 campuses that we are reaching out to,” added Armstrong.

“We consistently support our students in other areas as well. We work closely with ESL and Content teachers to improve instruction for students learning in a second language,” said the Sr. Manager.

Other programs offered to Refugee students, and English Learners during the summer are:

  • Summer school enrichment opportunities for newcomer students
  • Close Up programs in Austin and Washington D.C. which promote understanding of key historical events that have shaped Texas and the US letting students gain an understanding of the structure and organization of state and national politics.
  • The College of Technology at the University of Houston which has a STEM focus, where students learn to build robots and develop coding abilities.
  • The Rice University STEM enrichment program in which students learn to design and code 3D models on the universities 3D printer.


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