Migrant and English Learners Toured Texas State University

Last Saturday, 25 students from Sam Houston MSTC and Wisdom High School had the opportunity to tour Texas State University. This visit marked the beginning of the Spring College Tours organized by the Migrant Education Program of the Multilingual Department.

During each event, English learners and migrant students have the possibility of walking the campus, learning about admissions and financial aid, and getting a glimpse of what it is like to live on campus.

“The kids were able to sit in a bilingual session about housing, admissions and they were encouraged to participate by asking questions. It was great to see them all engaged,” says Magda Galindo, Manager of the Migrant Education Program. “There was actually one student who pulled me aside and said ‘Ms. I need to talk to you.’ He was so serious about it that I thought something had happened. Then he said ‘I already made my decision: This is the school I want to go to.’ I congratulated him because it is great to see the impact these tours have on students,” said Galindo.

While exploring the university, students met faculty and college scholars. “The daughter of one of our migrant program representatives goes to that campus so she also answered questions the students had. They even went to her dorm and all 25 of them crammed inside her dorm room. They all had a wonderful time,” recalls Galindo

According to the Migrant manager, some of the participants were making their first visit to a university.  “We know that these experiences are positive for our students, without these opportunities our students would probably feel less likely to attend college, therefore, this is a fabulous way of making sure that they can see themselves there and feel that it is something attainable.”

After the day-long trip, students filled out surveys were they manifested with the visit they received new information about attending college. They also expressed that one of their main goals after graduating from high school is to go to college, a university, and have work experience.

The next stop for the Spring College Tours is on March 2nd to the University of Texas at Austin. For more information call 713-556-7288 or send us an email multilingual@HoustonISD.org

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