“What Administrators Need to Know” Sheltered Instruction Approach with Seidlitz Education

Last Tuesday nearly 50 principals and LPAC administrators attended the training by John Seidlitz ELs in Texas: What Administrators Need to Know. The session is part of the continued effort to improve English learner’s academic achievement where nearly 700 educators have been trained on Sheltered Instruction practices.

Xochitl Maya-Lege, Dual Language and Professional Development Manager, explained that “this professional development cycle provides intensive and systemic learning opportunities for teachers and administrators from selected campuses throughout the year.”

These schools received additional support from the Multilingual Programs department and other district staff. “We are very glad to announce that between 15 to 20 people in each of these campuses were trained through the Sheltered Instruction in Texas that covers the seven steps from John Seidlitz and it is exactly aligned to our literacy routines, which is our systematic approach to sheltered instruction in HISD,” said Maya-Lege.

Multilingual’s Assistant Superintendent, Anna White, pointed out that “the goal is to continue implementing and spreading the wealth across the district of core principles and best practices for second language acquisition methods.” This includes linguistically accommodating instruction to reach proficient levels of implementation that increase content mastery and academic language of English Learners.

John Seidlitz, Founder and CEO of Seidlitz Education, focused the training on best practices for teachers in the classroom to meet the needs of ELs for full inclusion and equity in the classroom and also to develop their academic language. More specifically, Seidlitz went over Sheltered Instruction across content areas, ways to reduce the number of long-term ELs that are beginners, and ways to provide continued support.

“About six years ago we worked really intensely on the literacy plan for HISD and worked with some of the Teacher Development Specialists to work on enhancing the Literacy Routines to make sure that they were really meeting the needs of second language learners, and now coming back I have noticed that the trainings went really, really well with your teachers,” he said to the audience.

“I am looking forward to an exciting day of learning and collaborating and also learning from them as they learn from me about what we can do to help out our kids,” Seidlitz expressed.

Finally, he also invited all participants to attend Multilingual’s Bilingual and ESL Symposium on June 26 and 27 and the Kingdom Builders’ Center. “We will meet here again to collaborate and learn some more.”

Sheltered Instruction Approach with Seidlitz Education

Posted by Houston ISD Multilingual on Friday, February 22, 2019

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