Brookline Elementary Welcomes Guatemalan Students and Parents

Brookline’s administrators, educators, and students extended an afternoon of hospitality to their new students (and now Brookline family members) from Guatemala. District leaders as well as state and national leaders and representatives extended a warm greeting and shared their personal stories of inspiration.

Notable participants included Senator Carol Alvarado, District 6; Ms. Claudia Ortega-Hogue, represented U.S. Representative Sylvia R. Garcia, District 29; Dr. Sergio Lira, HISD School Board Secretary, District III; Multilingual’s Senior Manager Terrie Armstrong, and Guatemalan Spokesperson Ms. Tere Alvarado. Outreach Team members Rosa Gonzalez-Decou, Marcela Barba and Baber Mohammad and East Area Programs Specialist, Gina Lerma-Avila, were also in attendance offering support on behalf of the Multilingual Department.

Guatemalan students and parents from different regions had the opportunity to visit the school, meet community leaders, and learn about resources HISD and the city offer.

Translations to their native indigenous language were offered by Ms. Alvarado whose granddaughters displayed beautiful cultural fashions from several Guatemalan regions.

Campus Administrators, Principal Rick Nagir and Assistant Principal Mayte Garcia-Olivo embraced the opportunity to guide and provide an academic environment in which children of all cultural backgrounds are valued and appreciated.

Mr. Theodore Wills, Educator/Librarian and event organizer coordinated the gathering. His dedication as the campus Librarian speaks volumes.  His outreach extends beyond the library, his efforts were clearly enjoyed by all and is sure to be the beginning of future events!

The afternoon came to an end as everyone enjoyed light snacks and mingled; taking selfies, exchanging contact information and making new friends. These exchanges of personal experiences spotlight the efforts made by people like Theodore Wills, the efforts to reach out and offer guidance and hope to those who happily take our hand.  Many thanks to Brookline ES and to Mr. Wills for his vision of community!

By: Gina Lerma-Avila, Multilingual Programs Specialist

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