92 Migrant Students and English learners Set their Sights on College

92 HISD students who qualify for assistance through the district’s Migrant Education Program spent the last few weeks touring Texas State University at San Marcos, The University of Texas at Austin, and Stephen F. Austin State University at Nacogdoches. This initiative encourages English learners and children of migrant workers to go to college.

Since migrant students often move with the seasons, and English is the second language for many of them, Magda Galindo manager of the Migrant Education Program, and Josie Treviño manager of College Readiness have teamed up to show scholars that even though they may not always live conventional lifestyles, they can pursue the same dreams as other young students: getting a college education.

“Every year we give students the opportunity o seeing what a university in the United States looks like,” said Migrant manager Magda Galindo. “During each event, English learners and migrant students have the possibility of walking the campus, learning about admissions and financial aid, and getting a glimpse of what it is like to live on campus.”

According to Galindo, some students were making their first visit to a university.  “We know that these experiences are positive for our students, without these opportunities our students would probably feel less likely to attend college, therefore, this is a fabulous way of making sure that they can see themselves there and feel that it is something attainable.”

Results can actually be seen right away. Galindo shares that even during the tour, students approach her to say that they have “already made the decision” of going to a certain campus they visited. “I congratulate them because it is great to see the impact these tours have on students,” said Galindo.

“Our students need to know that financial challenges and other factors should not stop them from completing their education,” Galindo explained. With this glimpse, students will now be able to make informed decisions about the multiple options and paths towards higher education and success.



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