50 Campuses Received School Supplies for Refugee Students

During the summer, yesterday, today Multilingual Programs handed out school supplies for refugee students. “Almost every campus in the west area has received backpacks, uniforms, and the actual school supplies,” said Senior Manager for Multilingual, Terrie Armstrong.

This initiative comes with the purpose of supporting the academic achievement of English Learners. “Refugee students, whose parents in most cases have not found a job yet, will be fully prepared when they go to school with all the supplies that they need,” said Armstrong.

According to the senior manager, refugee children that have been in the U.S. for up to 5 years usually have big families and parents are still struggling to find jobs or working entry-level positions. “A family that needs to buy school supplies for 5 children will be saving a big chunk of their income with this support.”

Multilingual’s Outreach Team (Rosa Gonzalez-Decou, Marcela Barba, and Baber Mohammed) personally delivered and handed out the materials to schools.

Wisdom High School was one of the benefited campuses. Ian Olmstead Assistant Principal picked up the materials and highlighted the effort of ensuring that refugee students excel and succeed with literacy. 

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