50 Gift Certificate Winners Go on a Shopping Spree that Benefits about 1,000 HISD Students

Last Friday, August 9th, fifty HISD teachers redeemed  $100 dollar ‘Golden Tickets’ at a private Shopping Spree at Lakeshore for being the first 50 attendees to register for the Multilingual Symposium, which was held on July 26 & 27.

The event, organized by Multilingual in collaboration with Lakeshore, awarded participants to the Inaugural Multilingual Symposium the opportunity to buy materials to use in the classroom for the new school year.

“Teachers each spent one hundred dollars on all sorts of things,” said Maryury Fernandez, Mulitingual’s Sr. Special Populations Program Specialist, and who accompanied participants during the event. “They bought hands-on materials for math, science, calendars for the year in Spanish, reading materials. Secondary teachers preferred books, a lot more games, and activity ideas to use for literacy.”

Since some of the first 50 to register to the #MLSymposium were principals, they shared that gift certificate with their campus teachers. “Alan Summers was one of them,” said Fernandez. “He is principal of Houston Math, Science & Technology Center. He said to us: ‘Thank you very much for this, it will make this teacher’s start of the school year awesome.'”

According to Fernandez, it was great to see a common denominator in the shopping spree attendees: “They were all in one accord buying materials that support English Learners instruction. We calculate that this event will impact the lives of 1,000 ELs in the classroom.”

“This opportunity for teachers and administrators who service English Learners across the district—said Anna White Assistant Superintendent for Multilingual Programs— is an opportunity to purchase resources that will help them get ready to kick off the school year. These materials will enhance the instructional practices that they are implementing day-to-day.”

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